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R-ALGO Engineering Big Data provides R tutorials on machine learning algorithms and Python tutorials on learning the basics to advanced scripting techniques.

R Programming for loop

In this R tutorial, we will take a look into for loops. At a very basic level, a loop will iterate over a sequence under set conditions that must be met. In other, words it can allow the automation of code that calls for repetition. Vector is a basic data

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Mutable and Immutable Objects in Python

Python is an object oriented program, which means everything created in Python is an object. Creating and executing objects are easy and a Python beginner should quickly learn that objects are either mutable or immutable in Python. Every variable in Python must an object instance, since everything in Python is

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Face and Eye Detection using OpenCV and Python (cv2)

In this Python tutorial, we will write a Python program for face and eye detection using OpenCV. OpenCV supports algorithms that are related to machine learning and computer vision. In addition, OpenCV offers support to many programming languages such C++, Java, and of course, Python. Platforms that OpenCS is available

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