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R-ALGO Engineering Big Data provides R tutorials on machine learning algorithms and Python tutorials on learning the basics to advanced scripting techniques.

Boston Dataset scikit-learn Machine Learning in Python

In this Python tutorial, we will implement linear regression from the Bostom dataset for home prices. Scikit-learn data visualization is very popular as with data anaysis and data mining.  A few standard datasets that scikit-learn comes with are digits and iris datasets for classification and the Boston, MA house prices

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Python Exercise 11 – Binary Numbers Divisible by 5

Python Exercise 11 Problem In this Python exercise, write a Python program that will accept binary numbers as an input form a user. After the input, validate which binary numbers are divisible by 5 or not. int() arguments The Python int() method takes two arguments: x – Number or string

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Python NumPy Tutorial for Beginners with Examples

In this Python tutorial, we will take a look into the Python NumPy module. This tutorial will discuss and show examples of the NumPy basics with a discussion on NumPy architecture and the environment. This tutorial will introduce the basics of NumPy with examples that are used in data science

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