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What’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)?


In contrast with natural intelligence which is what some animals and human beings possess, artificial intelligence or AI is intelligence that is displayed by systems and machines. The world of computer science has defined artificial intelligence as any gadget or system that makes decisions based on its environment and maximizes the chances that it will succeed at some certain set goal without any human input. [read more]


What’s Big Data?


Unlike many terms in the computer science and engineering world, the term big data is rather self-explanatory. It describes incredibly large data sets. These data sets then become the subject of analytics software that attempts to draw inferences about the data. In other words, they try to find patterns. The major difference between data engineering and data science is that data engineers are responsible for creating the pipelines to gather and collect large amounts of data turning it into a format that data scientists can use. [read more]


What’s Data Mining?


There are many different terms and concepts in the digital age that are often used by people who have no idea what data mining means. This is usually true right when a new, buzz-worthy technology is introduced and people want to jump on the bandwagon. They know that the earliest investors are already making millions of dollars in the field. These individuals know that they can make a little money if they jump in before the technology disappears. However, data mining is far from just another fad. In fact, it was one of the factors at the heart of the digital revolution and the earliest computers. [read more]


What’s Data Science?


Disciplines on the cutting edge of technology seldom have concise or consistent definitions. If we say that data science is what data scientists do, you might accuse us of being whimsical. Nonetheless, that definition has merit. Suffice it to say, data science is a branch of information technology that deals with massive data sets also known as big data. Data scientists develop algorithms for sorting, organizing, making inferences from, visualizing, and working with amounts of data that would otherwise be too large to make sense of. [read more]


What’s Machine Learning?


By now, you’ve likely heard a thing or two about machine learning. But what exactly does that mean? The key question is: what problem is machine learning meant to solve? What does it do well that other branches of artificial intelligence can’t? The answer is simple. Machine learning handles big data much more efficiently than either human brains or other approaches to artificial intelligence. Machine learning will revolutionize what we can do and what we thought was possible. Self-driving cars are built on concepts directly derived from learning algorithms that can parse massive quantities of data. [read more]




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